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Concept Design

P1 Technology employ a variety of creative techniques to produce a range of ideas to work with. Whether you have preconceived ideas, or have identified a design opportunity, we will bring it to life.

Concept designs normally involve 2D and 3D CAD visualisations, sketches and prototype models in order to refine concepts and communicate ideas to you. We look at ways in which we can differentiate your product from the rest including brand identity, consumer base and key market opportunities. Customer involvement is an imperative part of our design process, a variety of presentation techniques will be used to keep you constantly updated.

CAD Visualisation

We can help you communicate, envisage and develop your ideas through 3D CAD visualisation techniques. We have experience in creating graphical presentation documents if you are applying for funding, patents or communicating your project to a potential investor. We also have the ability to demonstrate your product in photomontage context or in diagrammatic formats and 2D drawings for communication of concept. We recognise the importance of marketing your ideas effectively.

Our in house design team can produce life-like quality renders using Solidworks 3D modelling and rendering software. Typically we have seen customers ask for photo realistic rendering to communicate ideas to potential funding bodies or potential investors. 3D rendering is also an extremely useful tool in the development of your project; for visualising your concept designs clearly, choosing materials and proportioning prior to prototyping stage.

Photorealistic Rendering

If you would like to discuss your project for us to formulate a proposal please get in touch on 0843 886 6468 or email design@p1technology.com

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