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Portable Buildings

Blue Planet Buildings wanted to produce a product that meets the needs for emergency accommodation around the world offering a solution for temporary office buildings and a low carbon foot print.

P1 technology were assigned to help design a low cost flat-packed building that did not require skilled tradesmen for the assembly and which could use in-built solar power to meet the energy requirements of the users. Panels were designed to incorporate all utilities including solar power, gas, water and electricity using a 'plug and play' principal so that they could be assembled in minimal time.

The design resulted in needing only two people and a battery powered drill for assembly. Two or more units could be also be locked together to create larger buildings if required and users are flexible in overall set up of the building including the amount of power, windows and doors.

P1 Technology also helped to create substantial cost savings on shipping and delivery allowing for six buildings to be shipped at the same cubic capacity of one standard container. The modular design can be used for living accommodation, office space, temporary site offices, emergency medical facilities, schools, communications relay stations. The product is now in production and has received worldwide interest as well as being shortlisted for an Innovation Award.

If you require any more information on this project please do not hesitate to contact us on 0843 886 6468 or email design@p1technology.com.

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