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Traffic Light Design

P1 Technology worked closely with Traffic Systems Co-Operative who were looking to develop their own products including a fully functional traffic signal head unit. Working closely with the Traffic Systems Co-operative technical team we worked to stringent standards including British and CE standards, trade marking, patent application and design registration.

The project enveloped a wide range of product detail including aesthetics, electronic design, ease of assembly, design for mass manufacture, product maintenance, lighting and LED display. Initial concept designs were developed through clear communication between P1 and traffic systems and approved by generating 3D CAD images and drawings ensuring the customer's needs had been realised.

Using rapid prototyping technologies, P1 created working models to prove form, finish and further validation. The implementation of detailed 3D data conformed to customer specifications and industry standards and the product was further developed for production techniques such as metal fabrication and injection moulding.

If you would like more information on plastic component design and similar projects please do not hesitate to contact us on 0843 886 6468 or email design@p1technology.com.

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