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Industrial Design Services

Since 2004, we have taken a wide range of products across various industries to the manufacturing stage ensuring our customers get a complete Design Service. How can P1 Technology make my “design” unique? Is a question we get asked allot? There are many elements to “design” and it’s not all about the 3D CAD detail. Aside from the usual technical and engineering challenges that evolve out of a concept idea we understand that good products usually have sound market research and a fundamental understanding of the “end user” needs or more well known as “the voice of the customer”. Even before putting pen to paper spending more time getting to know your “end user” will save you money long term. For example how many of you have used products like the Apple iphone, the mini, Sony Playstation and the Rubik’s cube. Ask yourself why? What element did I like and what did I not expect? Did something in the “design” lead to a game change in the market?

P1 Technology has over 50 years of engineering knowledge and knowhow between the team. Our passion is to produce well designed products in order to leverage your market value. We use many design and engineering techniques to get the best results for the design to your budget. There is no harm in “designing in” world class manufacturing from the very start of the design process, Toyota didn’t do it overnight but their production system is now used in every industry worldwide, we can help you achieve your product design or engineering solution.

We are experts in rapid prototype methods, injection mouldings, forgings to fabricated and machined components. As industrial designers we understand the need to bring, form, function and ease of manufacture from the very beginning. We make sure the product is robust, scale-able and affordable to make. Will your assembly costs be realistic? Where will it be manufactured? We are glad to say that many companies are returning to the UK to manufacture products in order to satisfy many market needs for better quality, delivered faster to market at little or no difference in price to outsourcing abroad.

Customer expectations have changed beyond all recognition with the explosion of the internet, customers expect product instantly and will let everyone know if things go wrong, we can manage your expectations and give you confidence in your next product adding value to your product and brand.

We provide a project managed design and innovation service that includes the process listed:

  • Market and product research - Using our knowledge and experience we can gain an understanding of you potential market, competitors products, marketing information and IP that can influence your next move.
  • Concept Generation - CAD visualisation - Innovating to resolve your ideas
  • Presentation documents - To pitch realistic aspirations to your team and potential investors
  • Design development - Testing and improving to ensure that the product is user and manufacturer friendly.
  • Prototyping - Rapidly providing design verification before significant investment, within the space of a few days.
  • Engineering - Using the practicalities and experience of our engineers ensures you get maximum innovation and unique input.
  • Reverse engineering - Taking your existing data, to update your processes, increasing efficiency and accelerating your time to market.
  • Design modifications - Optimising 3D CAD for particular processes such as injection moulding, streamlining the manufacturing process and making production savings.
  • High and low volume manufacture - Call us today for advice and quotations for quality tooling and a complete manufacturing package.

If you would like to arrange a FREE consultation please contact us on 0843 886 6468 or email design@p1technology.com and we will be more than happy to help.

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