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Manual Handling

P1 Technology were approached with a manual handling issue by Sanofi Aventis. Although there were existing pallet transfer products available such as the pallet inverter, Sanofi Aventis required a pallet transfer system that could prevent tipping or reordering of stock.

"I am more than happy with the functionality of the machine - it saves us time and money, the machine is safe, easy to operate and to maintain. I would certainly recommend this to any company wanting to make their production much more efficient and to those tackling manual handling issues" Michael Glass, Sanofi-Aventis

PTM 1 & 2 Pallet Transfer Machine transfers stock directly from a hygenic pallet to a wooden pallet without tipping, rotating or reordering your stock. Since the project with Sanofi Aventis our PTMs have typically seen use across the food and pharmaceutical industries but are also adaptable to a wide range of industries. Designs are also fully customisable. Key advantages are outlined below:

  • 1/3 price of an inverter
  • Keeps Stock in Order
  • Eliminates Manual Handling
  • Saves Time and energy
  • Meets all health and safety requirements
  • Low Noise Pollution
  • Reduces risk of damage to stock

If you require any more information regarding our pallet transfer machine please do not hesitate to contact us on 0843 886 6468 or email design@p1technology.com. Alternatively visit www.totalpalletsolutions.co.uk to look at the machine details.

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